Lisa Scottoline's Exposed is a battle for justice that puts partner against partner. Mary DiNunzio learns that a long-time family friend Simon Pensiera was wrongly fired by his employer, when the costs of his daughter's medical coverage for her cancer treatments began to strain the company's finances...









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Come Sundown


Nora Robert's Come Sundown  is a story of a multi-generational family and their family business, and the one who went missing. It is also a tale of suspense, murder, romance and the reappearance of the one who went missing all those years ago and was presumably dead by


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If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?


This book answers that question in a roundabout way. If I tell you who you can trust in this book and who you can’t trust in this book, it will ruin the ending so all I will say in that regard is that trust your own instincts, but not much else.

The book starts off with our main character, Cass, rushing home after a work party. It’s storming out, so in order to get home quicker, Cass takes a shortcut through the woods-only to stumble upon what 


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On paper, Chris Brennan is perfect, and any school district would be thrilled beyond belief to have him among their ranks as both an assistant baseball coach and AP Government teacher. Or so, that's what his paperwork say. Reality is that it's all a lie. Even his name is a lie, Chris Brennan. At first glance, you'd think that Brennan was the bad guy....or is he really?  He has a plan, and very little time to implement it before disaster would strike. Would he be able to save



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